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Single Phase Motor Price in Kenya

Single phase electric motor price List (AC Motors)

2hp Low Ksh 13,500
2hp High Ksh 13,500
3hp Low Ksh 18,000
3hp High Ksh 18,000
5hp Low Ksh 24,000
5hp High Ksh 24,000
7.5hp Low Ksh 35,000
7.5hp High Ksh 35,000
10hp Low Ksh 42,000
10hp High Ksh 42,000

A single phase motor is the kind of electric motor that doesn't require the availability of three phase motor to operate. There is a gamut of single phase motors available to choose from which can make choosing one confusing. Also, all the available motors have different single phase motor price in Kenya. Since most people associate price with quality, then choosing a motor based on the price can make things even more confusing for you.

Other features of single phase motors that make them common for use include; they are cheap to manufacture, they are compact and light in weight, they are highly efficient, and they are compatible with outdoor applications since they are resistant to water and dust.

Due to these features, single phase motors can be used in many different applications where other motors would just not work well.

Applications of single phase motors

Single phase motors are the most common motors for use since they do not require three phase power to operate. They have a wide range of applications in home appliances, office equipment, machines, tools and so much more. Single phase motors are common in blowers, fans, pumps, power tools, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, centrifugal pumps and so many other applications.

They are best suited for these applications because of their small sizes and power requirements. They can therefore be used in many heavy duty applications where a small motor size is required and to allow use of the items with single phase power.

Types of single phase motors

Single phase motors are usually available in different types which suit different applications. We have in stock a wide variety of single phase motor types to choose from. Whether you want induction motors, asynchronous single phase motors or any other type of single phase AC motor you will find it here.

Choose the best single phase motors for your needs

When choosing a motor, the power requirements that you have will determine the single phase motor price in Kenya. As renowned and experienced suppliers of motors we are always eager to recommend the right solution as per your needs.

We have a wide assortment of quality motor brands for you to select from. Further, all our products come with respective warranties so you can make your purchase with confidence. We also have the low voltage motors that produce anywhere from 0.5 to 3 HP. These are the most popular motors in our range of motors because of their wide applications.

As direct suppliers we are also able to avail to you the best quality motors at the most affordable single phase motor price in Kenya. We bring our products directly to you from the manufacturer. Also, through this online platform we are able to even keep the costs down and get our products out to everyone anywhere in the country. We are the on stop shop for all your singe phase motor needs. Place your order for a quality single phase motor in Kenya today.