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About us

We are a leading electric motor supplier in Kenya with many years in the industry. We have helped hundreds of customers in the country from businesses, educational institutions, hobbyists, to industries we have worked with just about anyone. We are proud to have built a solid reputation with our clients. We are known for quality electric motors at the most affordable prices possible.

Our buying and selling expertise for electric motors makes it possible for us to give even an individual or the smallest company the same competitive pricing edge enjoyed by the customers that purchase in bulk. We take pride in being the only supplier offering our clients real choice when it comes to purchase of electric motors. We have a wide array of brands and models in our inventory that customers can choose from. We stock the most popular brands with a large selection that our clients enjoy choosing from.

With the great savings our customers enjoy and the wide variety to suit their needs, our company is the company you should be working with. We are grounded and operated on a basis of trust and integrity. We guarantee what we sell, because we only sell quality. We are committed to meet and exceed your expectations of us. Give us a try today.