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3 HP motor price in Kenya

A motor that is rated at 3 HP means that it produces that much horsepower as it operates. This can be translated to 2238 Watts of power. 3 HP motors are common in many household appliances and power tools also. If you are looking for a 3 HP motor in Kenya, the gamut of motors available out there can be confusing for you. Also, the many brands and models you will find have different 3 HP motor price in Kenya which adds to the confusion.

As such the price should not be the only factor to have in mind when choosing a 3 HP motor. Ensure that you check the frame size of the motor, the enclosures depending on the environment the motor is to be installed and the RPM output of the motor. Also, you should know already whether you will be going with a DC or AC motor depending on your needs.

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