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10 HP Motor Price in Kenya

10 HP motors are high power motors and usually used for commercial and industrial purposes. They are common in farming equipment, conveyors, pumps, vacuum systems, air compressors, and HVAC systems among other such applications. Due to their high power, expect high 10 HP motor prices in Kenya. However, when you get a motor that performs as required the returns on investment will be achieved quickly.

Since these motors are not cheap, it is recommended that you take the time to identify a suitable and renowned supplier to work with. That is where we come in. We specialize in supply of quality 10 HP motors from the best worldwide brands. We source directly from the manufacturers of these quality brands and sell to you the end user at the best 10 HP motor price in Kenya.

10 HP motors are available both as DC and AC motor. They also come in single phase and three phase motor variants with the three phase been the most common. We have in stock all types of 10 HP motors to suit the different needs that you might have. Our products also come at different budget points to cater for our wide range of clientele.

We will help you choose the right 10 HP motor for your needs. Our 10 HP motors come with a rugged and sturdy mechanical construction that can is durable and keeps the interior parts protected even under blunt industrial use.

Contact us today to learn the 10 HP motor prices in Kenya for the different brands of motors we have. We will walk you through our products one by one so you can get the one that will fit your application needs perfectly. We intend to give you the best value for money with our products.