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About Electric Motors in Kenya

We are a leading electric motor supplier in Kenya with many years in the industry. We have helped hundreds of customers in the country from businesses, educational institutions, hobbyists, to industries we have worked with just about anyone. We are proud to have built a solid reputation with our clients. We are known for quality electric motors at the most affordable prices possible.

Our buying and selling expertise for electric motors makes it possible for us to give even an individual or the smallest company the same competitive pricing edge enjoyed by the customers that purchase in bulk. We take pride in being the only supplier offering our clients real choice when it comes to purchase of electric motors. We have a wide array of brands and models in our inventory that customers can choose from. We stock the most popular brands with a large selection that our clients enjoy choosing from.

**** Single phase electric motor price List (AC Motors Only) ****

2hp Low Ksh 13,500
2hp High Ksh 13,500
3hp Low Ksh 18,000
3hp High Ksh 18,000
5hp Low Ksh 24,000
5hp High Ksh 24,000
7.5hp Low Ksh 35,000
7.5hp High Ksh 35,000
10hp Low Ksh 42,000
10hp High Ksh 42,000

**** 3 Phase Electric Motor price List (AC Motors Only) ****

3hp Low Ksh 18,000
3hp High Ksh 18,000
5hp Low Ksh 24,000
5hp High Ksh 24,000
7.5hp Low Ksh 35,000
7.5hp High Ksh 35,000
10hp Low Ksh 42,000
10hp High Ksh 42,000
15hp Low Ksh 62,000
15hp High Ksh 62,000
20hp Low Ksh 70,000
20hp High Ksh 70,000
30hp Low Ksh 95,000
30hp High Ksh 100,000
40hp Low Ksh 125,000
40hp High Ksh 135,000
50hp Low Ksh 170,000
50hp High Ksh 160,000

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Choosing The Best

Electric motor Prices in Kenya

An electric motor is an electromechanical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy in order to create motion. Electric motors have an array of applications including use in fans, power tools, blowers, robotics and so much more. When choosing an electric motor for your needs, the electric motor prices in Kenya come to mind. But if you choose the right electric motor for your needs the price becomes a secondary factor.

Factors to consider when buying a motor

Current – current is what powers the motor. When a motor overloads and blows it is because of too much current passing through it. The operating current is the amount of current the motor is supposed to draw when under a load or during operation. It is important to check that the current needs for the motor can be met by your power supply and also that they relate with the needs of the item you want to run with the motor.

Voltage – the voltage is what keeps the current flowing through the motor. The higher the voltage rating of the motor the higher the torque produced. A good motor should therefore have an operating voltage that coincides with the rated output operating torque. Check to see that the voltage ratings for the motor are what can be supplied by the power supply you have at your disposal. For instance, if the motor is rated above 240V then you need to have access to three phase current to power the motor.

RPM – the rpm of the motor or the velocity is output you get from the motor as it rotates. The higher it goes the more power you need which in turn calls for higher current and voltage ratings. A good motor is one with a high efficiency to ensure that the output of the motor is near what has been rated or what is expected. A good motor therefore has measures put in place to ensure there is little loss of energy during operation.

Types of motors

Another aspect that affects the electric motor prices in Kenya is the type of motor you need. Motors are available in different types depending on your needs and sometimes just preferences. Here are some of the common motor types you might want to know about.

AC electric motors – these are motors that run on alternating current. These motors are the most common in the market because of a few factors; they are easy to build, they are economical since they do not have a large start-up consumption, and they require little maintenance. They are best suited for applications where continuous movement is desired since they are able to maintain a constant speed of rotation of the motor. Since they usually come with other features like speed control, these motors are usually more expensive than other motors.

AC motors can further be classified as either single phase or three phase motors. Single phase are less powerful and therefore not suited for industrial use. The three phase motors on the other hand are more powerful and can be used in industries to provide power for heavy duty applications.

DC motors – these are very common in industrial applications as compared to the AC motors. This is because of their features which include; they are extremely fast, they are easy to control by varying the voltage, they are easy to install, they have a high starting torque, and they start, stop and accelerate with ease. They are best suited for use in dynamic applications that require a lot of accuracy. One good example of their applications is in elevators.

Brushed or brushless DC motors?

DC motors can be categorized as brushed or brushless motors. Brushed motors are very common because they are inexpensive to buy. They are also very easy to control and are massively used in industrial equipment and in low-budget applications where an expensive motor is not required. The brushed motors can further be categorized into; series wound, shunt-wound, compound wound and permanent magnet motors.

The brushless motors are the trend and in thing for motors today. They are a new invention slowly taking over the market. This is because of the advantages they possess over the brushed motors. Some of the notable advantages to mention here include that; they can operate at very high speeds reaching 100,000 rpm, they have a longer service life, they are more reliable and efficient and they do not have many parts that wear out. These advantages make them suitable for use in many of the powered tools, fans and other items.

It is important to note that for any kind of motor you choose, the more power you need, the more the electric motor price in Kenya will be.

Your motor supplier of choice

If you are in the market for an electric motor, getting the right supplier is critical in ensuring that you get a motor that will serve you well. That is exactly what we give here. We are renowned suppliers of electric motors in Kenya. We work as direct suppliers of electric motors in the country which means that we bring the products directly to you from the manufacturer.

As such, we are able to bring you exceptional quality products at the best electric motor prices in Kenya. We do not use third parties or resellers that can raise the price. We have also gone digital through this platform to make our products even more accessible and more affordable to our customers.

We will help you to choose the right motor for your needs and as such you will not overpay for a motor that you do not need. When you get a motor that is right for your needs, you are able to get real value for your money.

We are here to help you make the right decision. Contact us today to learn more about the electric motors we have in stock and which one is right for your needs.